Ivelolharele Retirement Sanctaury, Inc.

Ivelolharele Retirement Sanctuary, Inc.


 Wipe Your Hooves and Come On In!


Ivelolharele Retirement Sanctuary, Inc. is owned and operated by Bruce and Jody Tveit, along with the help of our dedicated family, volunteers, and friends. Together, Bruce and Jody have had over sixty years of equine experience, including but not limited to natural horsemanship, equine health, and training.

The sanctuary was founded in loving memory of Jody's young niece and Bruce's parents, each of whom had a hearty passion for horses. Bruce was born and raised on a 2,400 acre ranch in North Dakota with over sixty horses at any given time. His parents bred and raised Foundation Quarter Horses and were members of the AQHA for over fifty years. Iver and Lola's love for horses was passed on to their son, Bruce. Kristin, Jody's niece, loved horses and was hoping to someday have a pony of her very own before she passed away at the tender age of nine years old due to complications from heart surgery. With their love of  both family and horses, Bruce and Jody worked together to establish a safe haven for horses that have health conditions in memory of Kristin, Lola, and Iver.  

They have since opened their hearts and doors to countless horses that have been given a forever home and family. So please feel welcome to take a look around and meet our family members.